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  • Something to be thankful for November 24, 2021
    As we prepare our hearts, minds, and bellies for the season of giving thanks, I found a symbolic comparison of those English immigrants and refugees […]
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  • Connecting the dots November 22, 2021
    I remember watching Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement address as a dental school applicant who was hopeful (and a bit scared) about her future. In […]
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  • The medicine and dentistry divide in cancer care November 15, 2021
    We have a problem. There is a troubling gap between the medical and dental communities when it comes to cancer care. As a result, health […]
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  • Business side of dentistry: When to do a startup? November 1, 2021
    Editor’s note: This is the 11th article in a series exploring the business aspects of the dental profession, from starting a practice and marketing to […]
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  • Building trust with our patients October 4, 2021
    As dentists, we took a professional oath to care for our patients. We entered the profession with the ideological belief that we can and will […]
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