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  • Managing student loan debt as a new dentist February 20, 2024
    As new dentists, we can all remember that gut-wrenching moment when we received an email from our loan servicer warning us that our payments would be due soon. Looking back at our time as dental students, we spent years learning the intricacies of prepping the most ideal class II restoration, administering anesthetic and memorizing mnemonics […]
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  • Making an impact through Give Kids A Smile February 8, 2024
    Six-year-old C.J. had a mouth filled with cavities. At school, he would hide his smile, keeping his mouth closed to avoid bullying. At home, he would only eat soft foods, fearful of the pain eating caused. His school nurse and pediatrician tried to get him to open his mouth, to see the severity of dental […]
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  • Learning the art of storytelling in the business of dentistry January 30, 2024
    As a new dentist, you’re about to embark on an exciting journey in the world of oral health care. While clinical skills and patient care are at the forefront of your practice, there’s another crucial aspect that often goes overlooked: the power of storytelling. Your dental practice has a unique story waiting to be told, […]
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  • What I learned in my general practice residency December 19, 2023
    Going back to school for a general practice residency after four years in private practice was not what I imagined it to be. It was better. The only regret I have is not having done it right out of school, despite my mentor advising me to do so. Had I taken her advice, I would […]
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  • What I learned from interviewing actor Constance Wu November 3, 2023
    I’m a periodontal and dental implant surgeon (Stephy Steph) in private practice with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (Bobby). We run a YouTube channel called Between Two Teeth that highlights the balance of life, adventure and patient care. When we got the call to host the American Dental Association’s SmileCon, both of us were ecstatic […]
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